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    2.   +8613500174656  mike@eastsun.online


      Q: Can you provide OEM?
      A: Yes, we can provide OEM service.

      Q: What color can you provide ?
      A: Our regular color of 3-ply mask is blue. We can provide customization for other colors like white, green, pink, etc.
      Q: Can you provide free samples ?
      A: Yes, we are able to offer free samples with shipping freight collected.
      Q: How about the time of delivery?
      A: The regular lead time is 2 days after receiving payment. It depends on the quantity of goods.




      WhatsApp: +8613500174656

      Phone: +8613500174656

      Email: mike@eastsun.online

      Add: Xinle Road, Maan Town,Huizhou city, Guangdong Province, China